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Our guesthouse is located in the heart of Grímsey island right above the harbor. 

The house is on three floor levels, the guesthouse occupying the top two and the ground floor housing our handicraft gallery and café.

We have 6 bedrooms with made-up-beds with high-quality sheets and linen, two pillows per guest, a towel and a wash cloth.

There is a shared kitchen, living room and a bathroom for our guests.

We have free WiFi.

A crib for babies under 2 years old is available, free of charge.

Gullsól Guesthouse
Gullsól Guesthouse
Gullsól Guesthouse

WHY CHOOSE Gullsól AND Grímsey?

  • Amazing sunsets and sunrises.

  • Personal service.

  • Northern lights are common during winter.

  • Beautiful nature.

  • Free WiFi.

  • Located in the heart of Grímsey.

  • Friendly and helpful staff.

  • High-quality linen.

  • And a lot more.

Traveling to Grímsey

Getting to Grímsey is as simple as taking the ferry or coming in by flight.


The booking site for the ferry:


The airline booking site:

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